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Lafarge Construction Services Winnipeg also offers a specialized interior flooring division.

Below is a brief introduction to our services. We also provide specialized flooring product and placing services. For more information, visit LafargeFlooringSolutions.com.


Radiant in floor heating systems offer reduced dust, cleaner air, comfortable surfaces and significant energy savings over traditional heating. Our screed floor toppings, Agilia Screed A and Agilia Screed C help to maximize the performance of your heating system. Bring your project to our experts and we can help determine how to get the most out of your hydronic heating system.


When acoustics matter, focus on your subfloor. Lafarge Construction Services offers a variety of solutions in conjunction with our partner, Owens Corning. The QuietZone Acoustic Floor Mat paired with our Agilia Screed topping offers outstanding surface leveling and a reliable sound barrier. This system is especially well suited to low-rise residential buildings. Contact us for a full system performance and STC rating kit.


Whether you are renovating or building new, a quality finish includes smooth and level floors. Our floor level product offering preps the surface for final coverings with a consistently smooth surface. All floor toppings provided by Lafarge Construction Services comply with Canadian fire standards.


Concrete floors provide a unique, stylish appearance – with options to polish, etch, and color, you can get creative. They also reduce dirt, mould and allergens and are extremely durable. View our gallery here.


Lafarge Construction Services provides solutions for unsatisfactory flatness or smoothness, surface dust or laitance, brittle, crumbly, or powdery screed, bleeds, or crack and fractures. Our expert teams ensure the proper screed formulation for your project in order to repair incorrect installation or formula errors.


It’s a fact that quiet floors weigh less. In a multi story building, consider using one of our tested and proven floor systems designed in conjunction with Owens Corning and Schluter Systems – offering both lightweight and acoustically effective solutions.